Representation for Women in M&A

Representation for Women in M&A

Sep 11, 2020

On this week’s episode of M&A Masters, the show was joined by special guest Heather Hubbard, Managing Partner of Valesco Industries, a lower-middle market firm based in Dallas, Texas. This past May, Heather was named D CEO’s Private Equity Investment Professional of the Year, and in a market like Texas, that’s no small achievement.

“I think, coming in, we represent what we’re oftentimes looking at in portfolio companies and potential prospects. There’s a very diverse group of people working at the majority of these companies, so when we can reflect that back to them, and relate to them each in their own way, I think that it gives us an advantage,” says Heather about the unique perspective of women in M&A.

M&A Masters chats about Heather’s journey from running a company to private equity, as well as:

  • What women bring to the table in M&A, specifically in private equity

  • Team dynamics with women in M&A

  • Why women are underrepresented in private equity

  • And more

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