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Valesco Industries Invests in Adams Flavors Foods & Ingredients, LLC

Valesco Industries, A Dallas, Texas-Based Private Equity Firm, is Pleased to Announce an Investment in Adams Flavors Foods & Ingredients, LLC ("Adams"), Makers of the World Famous Adams Best Vanilla Extract "Since 1888"

Feb 07, 2013

Based in Gonzales, Texas, Adams is a highly recognized regional leader in the manufacture and distribution of blends, extracts and spices sold to retail supermarkets and food manufacturers in the South-Central and South-Eastern U.S.  Adams proudly manufactures and markets under several Adams Brand banners including Adams Best, Adams Extract, Adams ClearVan, Adams Seasoning & Spice, Adams Reserve, Flavor King, Adams Pantry Basics, Sear-n-Crust, Zesty-Full, Parslic, Carniceria and Culinary Tonight. In addition, the company manufactures some of the nation’s most respected private label of seasonings and spice. One of the oldest spice and extract companies in America, Adams will be celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2013. 

Valesco Industries partnered with the Adams management team to complete the buyout of exiting shareholders and position the company for continued growth and expansion. 

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