A partnership is a relationship. All choices are intentional and thoughtful. It is this mindset that Valesco Industries embodies with compelling enthusiasm. Our recent investment in Access Destination Management Services, in partnership with Stone Creek Capital, is indicative of that approach.

With Valesco, our attentiveness to the partnership shines during the diligence phase and immediately post-close. When it came to Access, we built the foundation of the relationship with a stellar management team from day one. That team delivered on our proposed vision of liquidity and then created the tactical blueprint for Access’ continued growth, guaranteeing long term potential for the company. The collaboration with the independent sponsor, Stone Creek Capital, added valuable assets that bolstered the strengths of our team. The handling of this investment is a testament to Valesco’s strong track record of successful relationships that have been built with business owners and management teams.

Our team fully understands the importance of partnership in an independent sponsor transaction. We teamed up with Stone Creek Capital in providing both flexible capital and a strategic vision. This collaboration of assets and individuals helped us achieve a successful outcome for all parties involved. Valesco operated as an independent sponsor for its first 17 years before raising a committed fund in 2011. That experience has made our company hyper-aware of the dynamics of economics, quick decision making, and the importance of adding value both pre and post close.

The video below highlights Valesco’s emphasis on the value of partnership. As you come across opportunities in need of majority equity and or subordinated debt, choose Valesco Industries as your relationship oriented partner.